We have experience with very unique marine applications with our projects on oceanic seismic oil exploration vessels. We understand the importance of safety and eliminating downtime in offshore applications. Our experience with ABS and DNV certifications allows us to provide systems that can meet the needs of your demanding marine operations.

Oceanic Seismic Oil Exploration:

• Ships deploy sonar pods in the oceans that detect oil under the sea floor
• Pod deployment, retrieval and storage is largely automatic
• 2,500 – 8000 pods on each ship
• Extensive use and control of conveyors’ positioning and speeds to precisely space pods for deployment and pack them in tight for storage
• Wireless Bluetooth CAN networked robots for moving pods on roller conveyors (Ship – Ocean Pearl)
• When retrieved, data is pulled from the pods and the pod batteries are recharged
• One of the largest integrated CAN networks in the world – 178 nodes across 9 interconnected networks with 9 control panels (Ship - European Supporter)
• CAN-Open encoders were utilized for closed loop position control of conveyors and bridge cranes
• Utilized Danfoss Plus+1 controllers and displays


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